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Best Applications/Software to view all the dlink DCS cameras

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My house has six wireless drink cameras, and two of them are 2630L.  What is the best software for viewing two or more cameras simultaneously on:

1.  My Mac computer  (OS 10.95 and OS 10.11) ?

2.  Android ?

3.  Pad ?

4.  PC ?

I have tried Security Spy on my Mac laptop.  It's pretty good, but seems to have issues with the  2630L, but displays the other drink models fine.

I thought my iPad "My Dlink plus"  had a multi camera view.  I updated the IOS and now it shows only one camera video with each camera selected.  How to get multi-cam view?

I prefer each cam in Internet Explorer.

You could try Dviewcam on pc.

I use Safari on Mac and Mydlink Lite on iPhone mostly.

DVC is for capturing video streams to a PC, however it's only supported on a Windows platform.  ::)

But Safari allows viewing only one camera.  Do you open more than one window?

You can open more than one tab. Each tab in Safari can be a different site or camera.


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