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Are there plans to allow the saving of photos/video to iCloud?    The SD card save option is great until the perpetrator takes the camera (and the SD card with the video/photo that shows him/her taking it). 

Not that I know of. I presume that maybe D-Link doesn't want to handle any user data in the Cloud for security reasons and storage reasons. D-Link offers products that you can save camera data to NAS, DVR and or PC using D-View cam software. All of these offer more security and handling of data.

Hello bksnbriefs,

Apple did not incorporate iCloud recording in any of their HomeKit cameras due to security and overhead (at this time). Hopefully in the future but it will not be anytime soon. Also recording to a NAS or NVR is not supported at this time either.

Thank you for the official information.  ;)

Other HomeKit cameras now offer cloud storage. One works with Dropbox and even supports FTP! Why doesn't D-Link provide this now?



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