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DGS-3100-24 unresponsive after firmware upgrade

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Final update: confirmed that the switch is now a paperweight, and there's no recovery mode. Gonna write that one off as a loss and move on. Kinda sucks that the switch's web UI allowed me to even get that far with the wrong firmware, but I take full blame for it, since it was still my fault in the end for not paying attention. Oh well. It was still cool of D-Link support to reply to me at all. They could've just told me to take a flying leap since the switch was out of warranty anyway.

I popped the switch's case open out of curiosity (long past the point of caring about any damage I could potentially do to it from that at this point). It has a couple of small fans I pulled out and saved, but that's about the only potentially useful thing I could get. Funny enough, I got the switch so cheap that the two fans I pulled out probably made it worth the money I spent. So thankfully, it wasn't a big loss.

Sorry you couldn't get it working. Switches are fairly cheap now days.

Come back and visit if needed for other items in need.

Good Luck.


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