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I've recently purchased two DCH-S160 WiFi Water Sensors and installed the latest version of the mydlink Home app on my iPad. Although it took a bit of fiddling and resetting my network several times I managed to get e-mail/notification working for both sensors.

I have two suggestions to improve the mydlink Home app:

1. The app only runs in portrait mode. Great on an iPhone, but a pain on an iPad. Would be nice if it also worked in landscape mode.

2. It would be great if the app were able to demonstrate that the sensor was still working. The sensor could be automatically polled on a regular basis and the app could display the last time the sensor responded. Or the user could manually poll the sensor from the app and have it show that the sensor responded. Either way it would give the user the ability to see that the sensor was still working, had power, and was connected to the network. None of which you can currently do if the sensor is installed 200 miles away.

Many thanks,

Larry ....

Thanks for your feed back. I'll pass this on to D-Link.


mydlink home app needs almost a rewrite, I have the W215 model and is difficult to on/off.  Maybe it should provide realtime feedback if is actually connected.

Suggestion for Mydlink Home app: 
Copy the TPlink's Kasa app.  It have On/Off function at 1 minute choices.  There is a timer to on or off as well.

Thanks for your feed back. I'll pass this on to D-Link.

The app sorely needs a reboot option, both on demand and scheduled.


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