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New - DCS-935L - Firmware Version v1.10 B01- Comments & Observations

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Firmware:   v1.10 B01   01/25/2017   NA Region!
Revision Info:
Problems Fixed:
1.   Wireless - AP Mode - fixed beacon broadcast issue when turn off AP mode.
Do a Factory reset and set up from scratch after FW has been loaded.

New Features:
1. mydlink agent upgrade to 2.1.0-b45.
2. Added UID support

D-Link posted DCS-935L Rev A firmware version v1.10 Build 01, which can be downloaded here: DCS-935L - Firmware v1.10.01 Download.

NOTE: Be sure that your wireless signal on the main host router is good and signal is strong with the camera if it's connected wirelessly. If your confident in this, upgrade via wireless with the camera can proceed. If your not confident in the wireless signal, use a wired LAN cable connection to the camera before upgrading the camera. This would help avoid any wireless FW upgrade problems.

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Please post your comments and observations as a reply to this thread.

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Failed update.  Such a pain with these cameras because you then have to reset them and reprogram from scratch.

What browser are you using to update the FW? I recommend using IE11 or FF only and be sure to clear all browser caches before and after sending the FW file.
Also temporarily disable any PC security software while upgrading FW.

I think there is a save camera configuration to file that you can do then re-load after FW is updated...

I did it from the app.  The problem with these being wireless only is once they die, there is no way to communicate.  You have to reset them and the only way to set them up is by direct connecting with a smartphone.  It is a very painful design.

So were you able to get it updated or is the camera not working at all now?


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