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Firmware 3.0 on dlink web site will kill your DHP-601AV device - UK Only

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on support page for DHP-601AV http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/support/product/dhp-601av-b1-powerline-av2-1000-hd-gigabit-starter-kit

when you select revision B and firmware 3.0.0 you will get file DHP-601AV_fw_revC1_3-0-0_eu_multi_20160729.zip

This firmware will kill your device.

Is possible revive powerline devices with some method like TFTP? All LEDs are off, but LAN port is alive.


I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this. Inform them of the discrepancy between Rev B and Rev C files on there site and Rev B FW file is missing or incorrectly linked on that site. We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email.
Let us know how it goes please.

I contacted official D-Link support last week, they reply to me that they checked and confirmed that indeed the firmware is wrong and it will kill revision B devices, because it is for rev C. They told me that I can send devices directly to them for exchange or to my seller. Problem is I have original box and invoice in different city, so I wanted repair it with some recovery method (TFTP), but it looks like it has no recovery, so warranty exchange is my only option.

Youll need to ask them if there is another way to flash FW, if not, then go for the RMA.

Hello, I have the same problem, did you solve it?


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