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Wake-On-Lan WOL on the DIR-850L HW:B1

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Is there any workaround to get the WOL feature to work over the Internet on the subjected D-Link model? The router simply refused to accept the broadcast address of and asks to enter a valid IP address, regardless of me choosing the Wake-On-Lan feature from the drop-down list which supposed to be an exceptional case to allow that address!  :P
I also updated to the latest firmware and tried to change the subnet to /25 and use .127 as a broadcast forwarder address but NOTHING works!



* What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under the router case.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the routers web page under status.
* What region are you located?
Have you reviewed this?

Hi and thanks for the reply.
Yes, I've seen that topic. Basically, my PC WOL works inside the LAN by sending the magic packet to the broadcast address, .255 which the "subject" router does not allow me to configure! As I stated in the subject of this topic, the router hardware model is DIR-850L HW:B1, loaded with the latest firmware 2.07. Could you provide an update to fix the issue by just allowing the broadcast address of the configured subnet to forward the magic packet from the WAN interface to the LAN when the "Wake-on-Lan" option is chosen from the drop-down list?

Here is the error:

Thank you

What region are you located?

Can you try

I'm located in Singapore.
What has the .254 address to do with the broadcast address that is still required for the magic packet to work?? Anyway, yes, i could configure that last IP but the WOL still not functional!


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