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DCH-M225 - install SSH server


Hi all,

D-Links provides the source code of the firmware for download One can build an image from the sources and deploy the image on the device. Compilation is done using mipsel_gcc-4.3.3_uclibc-

I would like to run some commands (e.g. copy an audio file to the device and play it) for test purposes. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to access the system via SSH.

openssl-0.9.8g is part of the sources as it is needed for encryption of wifi communication (I guess). Starting services on startup is done via several init-scrips which are contained in the sources.

May anybody give me a hint if it is possible to get an SSH server running on the device and which steps are basically needed to get the SSH server built in the image.



Something you might contact D-Link support about and see for additional help and info.


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