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Antenna Orientation for Wall Mount


I just purchased a new AC5300 DIR-895L and am looking at wall mounting it. My network shelf is already jammed with switches, two NAS and other stuff with lots of blinking lights. I am concerned about antenna orientation because of polarization. This is in a single level home, aprox 2,000 square feet. The unit is replacing an Apple Extreme. Present WIFI coverage is adequate but when the kids come over on the weekends they tend to max out everything with iPhones and iPads, so this is a bit of future proofing.
If I wall mount the unit it seems the logical thing to do with the antennas are to spread them out along the wall - like spider legs. But because of polarization, the antenna on the sides will be beaming into the attic. Anyone have suggestions for the best placement?
If wall mount is not a great idea I'm more than willing move stuff around and plop it on my overcrowded network shelf.

Thanks and aloha from Hawaii.


I presume it may work however the antenna positioning is based on the router siting on a flat surface:
Link>Wireless Installation Considerations

Also something to consider is air flow to help keep the router cool.


Points made and I appreciate it. I assumed wall mount was figured into the design since the base has the proper screw/slots for it but I can't get my head past the proper antenna orientation. So flat it is.


Well if you can have someone hold up the router as if it was on the wall, you could then see if the antennas can be positioned close enough to the diagram linked. However I would keep it flat if you can.

Good Luck  ;)


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