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Author Topic: New - DCS-2136L - Firmware Version v1.04 B03 - Comments & Observations  (Read 18104 times)


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Firmware:   v1.04 B03   11/16/2016   NA Region!
Revision Info:
Problems Fixed:
1.   Fixed the Search Security Lab issue - stack-based buffer overflows were present in adduser.cgi.
2.   Fixed D-Lab bug for "RTSP authentication on the DUT was disabled after load a configuration file that created in first formal firmware."
3.   Update D-Link Support Page URL to "www.dlink.com".
4.   Fixed the D-Lab bug - Windows Media Player didn't list any recording file of DUT SD card, and disable the UPnP AV functionality.
5.   Fixed bug of Start recording and plug-out SD Card, Recording icon don't disappeared.
6.   Fixed the OpenSSL version several security issue - CVE-2016-2107, CVE-2016-2105, CVE-2016-2106, CVE-2016-2109, CVE-2016-2176.
7.   Modify timeout time of get snapshot information.
8.   Fixed bug for "uploaded 0KB motion detection video clips to the SD card, when SD card is full."
9.   Fixed bug for "Couldn't login web UI form WAN when DUT PPPoE connected."
10.   Fixed bug for "DUT wouldn't update its PPPoE public IP to DDNS server."
11.   Fixed bug for "There is no recording file after click recording button in DUT LIVE VIDEO page."
12.   Fixed bug for "DUT couldn't go to the preset in the LIVE VIDEO page."
13.   Fixed bug for "Test the FTP server DNS-340L was added by motion detection setup wizard is error."
14.   Fixed bug for "Test the Email server was added by motion detection setup wizard is error."
15.   Fixed bug of Wireless Connectivity Issue.
16.   Fixed DUT can't use Firefox and Chrome go to web GUI through "advanced" setting.(New CSRF)
17.   Fixed bug of "the header section the line end is "LFLFCR" (0d0d0a), then destroy the E-Mail layout."
18.   Fixed the Cross-Site Request Forgery issue (CSRF UI close, and default value is enable) and CSRF referrer bug.
19.   Modify CSRF protection - 403 Forbidden warning string would response "The request is forbidden".
20.   Fixed DUT don't rebuild HTTPS private key and certification when system factory default.
21.   Fixed shutter settings issue for support anti-flicker series.
22.   Closed unknown hidden TCP ports 1010.
23.   Fixed IE11 Live page cannot click recording and snapshot function issue for Win8.1 or higher version issue.
24.   Fixed Curl-SMTP - mail server SMTP authentication fail.
25.   Fixed Curl-SMTP - the "new mail client" in all cameras with "event management" is not RFC 2821 conform issue.
26.   Fixed Curl-SMTP - Mail/SAMBA password bug in test mode fail.
27.   Fixed bug of https LED/OSD on/off value cannot be save.
28.   Fixed event motion delay time = 0 or 1, then real delay time of value would always = 2.
29.   Fixed "when motion detection pre-event = 0 second, then the first frame will not record" issue.
30.   Fixed bug of SD card of the re-write function value cannot be save, when enable portal schedule record.
31.   Disable SSH connection function from 2014/5/22 after the FW release.
32.   Fixed Cross Site Scripting(XSS) issue - 2015/10/26 report by Onward Security.
33.   Fixed the Safari browser cannot show ”Image Setup" page information.
34.   Modify the IR Light default at maximum level.

New Features:
1.   Updated mydlink agent to v2.1.0-b04
2.   Support UID feature
3.   Add support new anti-brute force mechanism(block only IP, reset when successful login from one IP)
4.   Update OpenSSL library to version 1.0.1t.
5.   Add Chrome Bowser notify message.
6.   Support TLS v1.1/1.2

DCS-2316L  FW can be downloaded here: DCS-2136L.

NOTE: Be sure that your wireless signal on the main host router is good and signal is strong with the camera if it's connected wirelessly. If your confident in this, upgrade via wireless with the camera can proceed. If your not confident in the wireless signal, use a wired LAN cable connection to the camera before upgrading the camera. This would help avoid any wireless FW upgrade problems.

Please post your comments and observations as a reply to this thread.

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