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unresponsive GUI DGS 1210-10 1210-28

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Howdy - no matter what I do the web GUI wont completely load- wont load at all or will be extremely unresponsive.

After toying with it for over 15 minutes it looks like it starts working again only to start doing it hours later.

Any ideas what this is about?


* What Hardware version is your switch? Look at sticker under the switch case.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the switches web page under status.
* What region are you located?
What OS platform are you using?
What browser are you using?
Try Opera or FF? If IE 8, 9, 10 or 11, set compatibility mode and test again. (For older generation routers.)
Disable any security browser Add-ons like No Script and Ad-Block or configure them to allow All Pages when connected to the switch
Clear all browser caches.

If I could log in to the switches I'd tell you, I am remote so I can't just look at them.
from the gui after trying 15 times the 1210-10 is hardware C1 as is the 1210-28

I'm using OSX and Firefox.


So this happens from a remote location? Does it happen while you on site and at the switch as well?

Yes, I've reset them and they started working.

As soon as I set their time correctly they become unresponsive.


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