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Todays Dir 510L joy... I am try to use mydlink SharePort on Android (Marshmallow) with My DIR 510L   when  trying to get a Device list   I keep getting a green check mark next to the Router but a red cross next to the pocket knife or what ever the icon is suppose to be....     I go through setting use. the same admin and admin asnd admin password that i use when I on via web  or via iOS  (i think its the same since i am not allowed to see the password) and it keeps failing..... i have deleted and reinstalled the app no joy

Not an Android users here and I never got my hands on the 510L. Maybe RYAT could help some. He's and Android users I think.  :o

Well I am only android for phone    I found the mothership toe be too limitinedon iOS and it shows here

I deleted both apps   ..  thus combined with resetting the router got me back in   The only autentication issue i am getting now is with the mylinme shareport    and I am 75% it has to do with aceess for mydlink and since I hasve no devices other then the routers there  that could be a impactung factor

with out the shareports   theer really isnt a way to wireless upoload info to the router but then again it is a router

Well I phone have Android and use Apple here. Both my DNR-202L and DCS-933L work well with the MDL services and there apps so far. I have tested several routers out. Last one was ASUS, and prior the 655 Rev B. Currently the DGL-4500 is online for gaming.  ::)


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