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DHCP reservation IP for specific device?

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Mr. K:
Just installed my DIR-859, replacing my DIR-645 and everything is up and running. I want to reserve an IP address for my MacBook Pro on this network (not a permanent static IP for the computer). I could do this on my old DIR-645 using the MAC address, but can't figure out how to do it on the new router. Am I just missing something?

Some useful info:
DIR-859    HW:A3    FW:1.04


* What region are you located?
Be aware that there are differences between Static and Reservations. A static IP address is an IP address that is configured on the client device and a IP address that is set outside of the default IP address pool, i.e. thru .200 which is D-Links default pool range.

IP address "Reservation" is an IP address that is set up and configured ON the router for a particular client device while the client device is set for Automatic Obtain IP addressing which when the client device is turned on and connects to the router, will get the "reserved" IP address each time it's connected.

The new UI uses auto detection with connected client devices to see whats connected and displays this in the Clients section of the UI. When the device is on and connected, a icon should appear in the list of connected clients. Select the gray pencil icon on this tab and it will display the current information regarding what the router detected and the current assigned IP address lease for the device. In here is where you can edit the name of the device, change the IP address, enable schedule, and enable Parental Controls for the device and enable an IP address "Reservation". I believe that inputting a MAC address is no longer supported as the router automatically detects MAC addresses on connecting devices and displays them in the editing window and connected clients icon tabs.


Mr. K:
Region: Europe, Sweden

It's DHCP reservation I'm talking about. I'm having trouble finding it in the new UI. Where can I find the the Clients section? I've tried looking under all the menu options and the Advanced Settings. Please point me in the right direction.

Look at the UI after you log in and find the Connected Clients icon upper right corner as seen here:

Then scroll down a bit on this screen and you should see some icons tiles for your devices that look like this:

See the gray pen on the upper right corner of the device tiles? Select this pen. This will display a new small window that say Edit Tab. Look for Reserve IP : Disable. Select the Disable slider bar here and it will slide the button to the left and display ENABLE. Select the SAVE button then the Edit Tab will close. Your device now has a "reserved" IP address.

Mr. K:
Perfect! Was looking in all the other menu options and didn't realize I could click on the circles in the Home screen. DhCP reservation is all set now. Thanks


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