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New - DIR-895L FW v1.12 Build 10 Official Release - NA Region!

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Get it here:

Let us know how it works for you...

 I only see FW V1.12B10 at the link. Installed and seems to be working fine, no issues though. Thanks for the heads up.

My bad. Typo.  ::)


--- Quote from: FurryNutz on October 26, 2016, 10:08:41 PM ---My bad. Typo.  ::)

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I was wondering but I'm not one to throw stones when it comes to typos ;)

One comment on the new firmware.  In the QoS section, there is now a drop down to select between optimizing between either devices, Apps or nothing.    I didn't notice the drop down at first and it defaulted to the App view.  It took me a second to realize there is now a drop down but all my devices were still set up the way they were prior to the firmware update.

Ya there a new drop down feature which first appeared on the 890L a few months back which I was told was going to be seen on the 89x series:
"New Features and Improvements seen:
I see that the UI of the QoS section has changed. Two modes of operation now, by Device or by Application. Also Detect ISP speed test. Seems to work. Found 98 and 3 of my 100 and 3 spec.

Also when Application is enabled, there is bandwidth gauges on each device you select in the Clients list."
Do you see any bandwidth gauges on the clients list?
Did you do a full factory reset then load FW, then factory reset then set up from scratch?
What browser are you using?


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