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I would do a factory reset on the DIR router and set it up from scratch.

Please locate the ISP service modem Mfr and model info. This will help us with getting you more feedback and suggestions.

FYI, this model router I believe only supports 100Mb WAN and LAN connections. Most Modems and ONTs are 1000Mb supporting so this router will be a bottleneck in regards to speed and not support 1Gb speeds. I would recommend using the ISP modem/ONT if it has a built in router or if not, get into a newer generation modem DIR series router that supports 1Gb WAN and LAN connections. All DIR-8xx have Gb connections. The DIR-655 and above have Gb connections. DIR-600/601/615/632/635 are are 100Mb only.

You could use the 635 as a wired 2ndary wireless AP:
Turning a router into an AP.


I would consider finding new friends. LOL.  ;D

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I would consider finding new friends. LOL.  ;D

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