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D-Link posted DCS-2330L Rev A firmware version v1.14 B03 which can be downloaded here: https://www.mydlink.com/download.
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Problems Fixed
1. Fixed SD card non-recording and no recording icon issues
2. Fixed PPPoE issues.
3. Fixed issue where settings were not available when accessing device through portal Advanced Mode in Firefox and Chrome
4. Fixed E-mail Header/notification issues
5. Updated openssl libraries to latest to fix security issues CVE-2016-2107,
CVE-2016-2105, CVE-2016-2106, CVE-2016-2109, CVE-2016-2176
6. Added input validation in certain methods.
7. Fixed “Test FTP” and “Test Email” Button Errors
8. Fixed Login issue with customized User/Password
9. Fixed issues with UPnP AV function
10. Fixed issues caused by loading configuration from early firmware releases
11. Fixed issue where device could not go to preset in the Live Video context

New Features
1. mydlink agent upgrade to 2.2.0-b02.
2. Added UID support
3. Updates to adhere to latest EN300 328 requirements
4. Add support Dlink new anti-brute force mechanism(block only IP, reset when successful login from one IP)
5. Updated support URL

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Please post your comments and observations as a reply to this thread.

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I haven't noticed anything bizarre happening, no disconnects, appears stable.  Just using to record to DNR-202L.


Ok - upgraded to 1.14.  I thought I was seeing things like the IR light had a little light, thought the IR light was going dead - but looked in F/W and saw it was "turned off".

After reading the post in DCS-5222L about IRs being 1/2 lit when "Turned off" on the latest F/W....

I began to question my 1.14 F/W.

I put it in front a mirror in a dark room with no other IR and confirmed it is on at some very low power level.

I upgraded immediately to 1.14 when I got the camera, so I don't know the characteristics of it before.  I'll try 1.12 again at some point this week.

(turning the IR on - does light up the room). Image settings are default.   

So does anyone else see this issue?  Or is it present in 1.12?

I have a 1.02 F/W on an outdoor camera, and I can't say I've noticed the IR on at a very low power level.

*confirmed. F/W 1.12 -the IR is completely off when "Turned Off".

So what gives in 1.14?

I've passed this on to D-Link for review. Please be patient.


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