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I have just set up this NAS and I'm having problem reaching it. It can be only reached if I type the IP or I create a shortcut with the IP, but it is not listed on windows network. It cannot be reached with \\NAME
Workgroup is the default group, NAS name set. IP range set to match router's. Upnp turned on, windows PC's network discovery turned on (I can see all 6 PCs on the network)

NAS can be reached by IP with no problem, but for convenience I need it to be listed between network devices. How to set it?

What version of windows?

If it is win10 then it is a known win10 problem: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/09/29/microsoft_warns_windows_security_fix_may_break_network_shares/
and you will have to back out of some 'updates'.

It is windows 10 but I'm not using the insider preview version.

We have windows 7 PC also and NAS hidden.

Physically disconnect the win10 computer from your network and then check if you can see the NAS.  Whatever it was that got into that preview also got into a previous update of win10 and it kills all SAMBA shares on any network it is on hence your not being able to see the NAS with win7 while the win10 PC is active on the network.

I have a Western Digital nas and it is visible, so this win 10 thing just not true. The problem is with the Dlink nas and I need a solution other than creating shortcuts everywhere.


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