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Wi-Fi Camera DCS-936L problems

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No I don't have a smart phone or an android one either.  That is why I asked the question on the  Best Buy forum if I could set it up AND get a feed using only my pc.   The problem was setting it up with the  DLink Lite app, my friend dowloaded and yes the QR code was scanned with my friend's android phone, after that a piece of cake.

I went to Best Buy and bought a tablet to get live view during the day and record at night.  Next time I need to download an app and scan a QR code, I am ready!

I love the camera btw.

Oh and when I called DLInk support the fellow said I should have the camera listed on my network settings page, that the camera must be defective when I called for assistance.  Guess what, when I finally got the app, scanned the QR code, with my friend's help, I still don't that camera listed.  The guy must not have know what he was talking about.  Everything works fine.

Glad you got it working.


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