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External USB Drive not recognized after a short time


Hi everybody
I have an external USB drive 3.5 inches in a simple case wirh external power. I want to use it as back up of my DNS327L Nas. When i turn on the external drive, it is recognized by the NAS but after a short wile connection lost an it shows nome USB device in the USB backup menu of the NAS. and I'm not able to do a Synchronisation or copy from NAS to drive with pushing the USB button on the NAS. It was successfull a while ago but with an older firmware afaik. Anybody has an idea how to fix? I have Firmware 1.06 on it.


Not really. Which hard drive is this?  How old is the drive?

Does the drive stay recognized in a computer?  Or does it fail there also?  It might be the drive or cable or something.  Can your run whatever manufacturer's hard drive tests on it?

Is there and idle timeout/power saving setting in the DNS327L for HD's?  Your drive might not be waking back up.

I use a WD Black 1 TB in a simple no name 3.5" case with no extra features. The drive is pretty old but works well on any other computer. I had hdd hybernation set to 5 minutes and will increase to 15 minutes now to see what happens. But it didn't took 5 minutes till the USB drive disconnected.

Is your USB drive self powered by the USB cable or does it have an external power supply?

If it is powered by the USB cable then there is your problem, the DNS-327L only just supplies enough power on the +5v USB pin to meet specifications, it is not enough to power 3.5" drives for any length of time.  The 3.5" drives require a USB case that has an external power unit or a computer that supplies much more the the 500mA called for by the specs (it is 1.5A for computer mounted USB v2 sockets).

I was wrong. Before i tried with a wd green in a simple case with external power. Now i replaced the disk and using a wd black 640gb disk in the same case. Now disk is visible as generic storage device under dns 327 system info but i cant select the drive for usb backup at all now. Formating it on notebook to ntfs without any problems but no success with usb backup so far.


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