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I just received a DLink DCH S150. I am able to connect the device to my network. I get a green light on the sensor, and I can see it on the modem device list. When I start the app on the iphone I get to the prompt saying please reboot your device. Does this refer to the phone or the sensor? Is there a way to remove a device once it's installed? In any case I cannot get past the install step and I'm stuck on "please reboot your device." I've tried removing and reinstalling the app also, and I've also done a hard reset on the sensor.

I was able to check the firmware version. It's V1.00b17. Is this what it should be?

When I was first doing the setup, my phone was able to link to the device. After that I got a notice about a firmware upgrade. That was hours ago. Then the app was giving me a message to reboot the device. I restarted the sensor several times. It has no trouble connecting to the wifi. I finally figured out how to delete the device, so I did that and tried reinstalling, but now it cannot find the device. I also do not understand the part where it says to connect to the network with the name of the device ID. There is no such network.

Since I had 2 units, I decided to try the second one in case the first one was bad. I get to the same point. I download the firmware... done... Please reboot your device. So I remove it from power and repeat the startup and connect via WPS. Connects without issue; shows up in the device table. That's it.

Did you reboot the phone as well?

Might do a factory reset then set up from scratch...
These don't have any user FW upgrades from what I can tell:

I've rebooted the phone and the sensor both more than once. Nothing.

What Mfr and model router do you have?
What wireless modes are you using on the main host router?

Might leave the DCH off for a while then turn it back on.


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