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Cannot use or clear old data for 'My surveillance' after bios upgrade


I upgraded the BIOS to 1.05. Installed new version of 'My Surveillance' since it said the new one wouldn't work. However, video saved under the old version is no longer available. But it still seems to be taking up space (about half the HD) and does not appear to be being overwritten. I cannot see the old data using Windows because it's hidden in a way that escapes me at present. (For goodness sake why is it hidden? Someone has already requested that a BIOS update allows it to be viewed but is seems this request has been ignored)

I don't really want to format the drive as there are other things stored on the other half.

I saw this link:
which says I can use 'system access' to get to the files stored at \mnt\HD\HD_a2\Nas_prog\surveillancestation\videodata\  (and presumably then delete the old data)

But how do I get 'system access'? Can anyone provide simple step by step instructions?

Never mind I have found a way to get to the surveillance data through Windows. The link is:

Thank you for posting this information. Hope it helps future users.  ;)


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