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I actually have a DSR-150N but there was no board for that one so I hope this is close enough. I have version 2.01 of the firmware which is quite different that the look and feel I have been used to for years with d-link routers. I am trying to accomplish something that I have also done for years... something rather simple and that is setting up port forward for RDP connections. I did find the port forwarding section which they now call 'Dynamic Port Forwarding'. I added the ports but there is no where to put the IP that you want to port to forward to. I read in the manual and it said it's dynamic and seemed to indicated you don't have to. How does that work? It makes no sense. Can anyone please explain this to me. I must be missing something!

Thank you

I don't know much about this stuff.

I spent a little time in google with "dynamic port forwarding".   ::)

I think you want page 156 of the manual.

Sorry I'm not much help.

Corrected URL link and new page number for this model router regarding Dynamic PF...  ::)


 I think that's what he was reading.
I'm guessing he wants what is on page 112 to 114 regarding port forwarding.

Ok, lets see what he comes back with.  ::)


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