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DCS-935L Not available after power outage

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Ok, sounds like the router is taking longer than the cameras are currently programmed to wait for and thus will create there own.
Just curious, how long does it take for the router to reboot and come to ready and accept connections?

It looks like the SSID for the router shows up on the iPad about 60 seconds after the router is rebooted.

However, I was watching the LED on the back of the camera.   It was a full 126 seconds before it turned green.   Of course, without knowing how D-Link implemented their looking for network routine, it's impossible to know if all of that time was waiting for the router to reboot.

Of course, this did show a little bit more of how the camera is coded.   If I only rebooted the router, the camera connected to the router when it became available.   So, the logic to turn on the configuration WiFi network is only invoked during a power cycle.

 "So, the logic to turn on the configuration WiFi network is only invoked during a power cycle." Power cycle of the router or camera or both?

Can you change the 2.4Ghz radio configuration to single mode N, WPA2 and AES only?

The power cycle logic I was referring to was the camera.   It seems that the camera will only create the configuration WiFi network during booting when the configured wireless network isn't present.

I changed the wireless mode for the 2.4GHz radio to N only mode, WPA2 and AES, and rerun the test.   The camera still created the configuration WiFi.   So, changing the radio mode to N mode, didn't help.

I presume this maybe something that D-Link needs to review. I'll pass this on to D-Link and see if there is any information on it. You might want to phone contact them directly and let them know about this as well.


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