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How long does it take the Apple router to reboot and come to ready?

Fixed IP address as in a reserved IP address thats set ON the router or a static IP address thats set on the camera?

What model or generation is the Apple router?
What wireless modes are you using on the router?
What security mode are you using on the router?

I don't know how long the Apple router takes to reboot, but even with the router on when the cameras boot, the cameras don't connect and activate their own AP.
Fixed IP as in static IP address set on the camera.
Apple Router is the Airport Extreme (Firmware 7.7.8), with both 5 & 2.4 Ghz enabled.
Security Mode: WPA2 Personal

Can you do a test with any other device and use a timer to see how long it takes for the router and or wireless to be ready?

One other test you can try, take one of the cameras as reset it. Change the WPA security to disabled or OPEN on the router temporarily. Set up the camera so that it sets up with the router using OPEN security. Let the camera get setup normally and settle in. Then reboot the router and see if the camera reconnects or not. Time this if you can. If there is an LED indicator on the router, look at that as well. I know my old Airport Extreme router has one LED thats amber while it boots then turns Green when ready.


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