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I've used the firewall custom services and firewall rules to open ports on my DSR-250n and forward them to a single PC. But something is wrong, there are ports that open, and some stay closed, while they are configured in EXACTLY the same way.... what can possibly be wrong?

firmware: 2.11_WW , did a factory reset in hope to fix this... but it didn't  :(

If you have configured PF rules, is uPnP enabled or disabled. When using PF rules, uPnP should be disabled.
Also when checking port status, the port has to be actively being used or being accessed by something before checking status.

Can you post a screen capture of how you have configured PF rules?
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uPnP is disabled.

Here are my screenshots of 2 examples, as you can see both configurations are equal:

When you check on http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ for example with madnl.dyndns.org and both ports you will notice 19000 is open and 20000 is not....

any idea / solutions?

So port 19000 reports open and 20000 does not?
Can you configure port 19001 or 19500 instead of 20000 and test?
Seems if 19000 works, 20000 should as well. Be sure something is accessing both ports when your checking for port status...

I really can't understand what's going on here.
I made it work by forwarding ANY service to , but now however I have a new service I want to redirect to When I disable the ANY service, none of the other forwards is working, all ports have been closed. All ports are in use by services...


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