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Cable Diagnostics: Short and Open Errors


I have a small office that is experiencing issues with our VOIP phones (dropped packets) so I connected to our DGS-1224TP's web interface and ran the built-in cable test and found many errors. Short in cable (generally on pair 3 and 4). Open in cable (generally on pair 3 and 4) and some runs that have both a Short and Open on the cable. Does this indicate a problem, or might this be acceptable?

Of the 23 ports in use, only 5 reported as OKAY. Of note, all 5 are gigabit devices and of the 18 ports with Shorts and Opens, 17 are 10/100 devices. Thanks.

Might start swapping any effected cabling out and see if this helps you troubleshoot weather if the cable issue or switch issue.


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