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Troubleshooting vlan drops


Is there a way in the cli or the web interface of a 3620-28tc to monitor the traffic on a port that is reporting a high number of vlan drops?  Looking at the Received(RX) error logs for the port shows 419354 VLANIngDr errors over the last 2 days.  I did a physical walk through and I am not seeing anything plugged into something that they are not suppose to be.  I am hoping to be able to see the mac address of whatever is connected to help me isolate it and remove it from that network.


* What region are you located?
There anything in the user manual or UI regarding this?

How many devices or end points do you have connected to the switch(s).
Is the drops constant or random? If constant, maybe disconnect one device at a time maybe to see if the drops go away.

Isolate the switch from others to see if the problem disappears. Disconnect other switches if they are in use to test.

We are in the US, Montana.

I didn't see anything in the user manual or UI about it.  It is random, I watched the switch all day on Friday (after clearing the error logs) and nothing, received a bunch of email notifications from my spiceworks server over the weekend and looked at the logs this morning and it had that count.  I reset the log on that port again this morning and 3 hours later it is still at 0.

I'm scratching my head because of being random.


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