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VLAN Trunking

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Yeah, i was about to edit the previous post to give some background on what i'm doing.

Basically, i'm creating separate vlans to aggregate a bunch of wan links on a single card in my firewall, taking the tagged vlans from the switch and into the firewall, where i'm defining the same vlans with the same tags as the switch.

This should be feasible but it's not working at this time.

it should be feasible, hook up a machine with Wireshark to the tag port and see if you see the proper tags on the traffic.

Something i noticed, does the trunk port on the switch (port 20 in my case) have to be a part of the default vlan? It's like that in the pic i attached but i have doubts if it should be configured like that.

Thanks for the wireshark suggestion, that's a great idea. I'll try it out and see if i get some good results.


To match the Cisco way of the world it would be, but there is no reason it has to be if the other side is set up for tagged traffic on VID 1.

Thanks for the help.

Even though it's still not working with my setup, i've concluded it's an issue with my firewall and will have to dig deeper on it, since connecting the wan link to one of the created vlans and the trunk port to a server with the appropriate tag set on the adapter gives access to the internet.

Thanks a lot.


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