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VLAN Trunking

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I'll explain my situation to see if there's some alternative or obscure way to do this because i have failed in my attempts with this switch.

What i want to do is simply create some tagged vlans (3 or 4) and then have a trunk port that sends all those tagged vlans to a firewall. Can this be done? This is easily doable on cisco switches, yet i find no intuitive way of doing it with this switch.

Any ideas?


Are you using a 1224T or 1224TP?

You specified the exact procedure.  Simply create those VLANs and tag the "trunk" ports for every VLAN you have created except the default VLAN where it will remain untagged.

As they say, a picture is better than a 1000 words :)

Assuming i understood what you said, would this be correct? It's not working.


That is correct.  Now we get to discuss what you are connecting it to and how that is configured.

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