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Dlink-Dir-859 DD-WRT to Stock


Hey all,
I flashed DD-WRT on my Dlink-Dir-859, I was wondering how I could get back to stock firmware if I have the bin file from the official site.
Any help would be appreciated.


* What region are you located?

 Emergency Recovery Mode

I am in the U.S. I have access to the DD-WRT menu, but for some reason whenever I click "upgrade frimware" and try to flash Stock, it just reboots into DD-WRT!
I also can't access the Emergency recovery :(, my browser doesn't connect to

?Did you follow the instructions? Did you setup a static IP address on the PC?
I would refer to the DD-WRT site for help and information as well in getting back to OEM FW. They should have this information as well.


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