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DIR-895L USB shareport Web Access?

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Is it possible to set an attached USB Drive to be accessed by someone over the web?  I've been trying to get this to work but so far have been unsuccessful.  I've created a username and password to a directory on the attached drive.  The page says 

--- Quote ---"Create User" allows you to manage access to your storage devices. After plugging in a USB drive, the new device will appear in the list with a link to it. You can then use this link to connect the drive and login with a user account
--- End quote ---

But all I see is what is in the screen shot attached below.  No link appears, is there an address I can use to access this from another computer not attached to my local network?  I've been searching the forums and web but so far nothing I've tried has worked.

Any status on this?
Should be able to use the mydlink services and apps to access the USB drive...

I have not been able to figure out how to do it, it's not a priority right now so I have given up pretty much.

Peaty; I see your post is about a month old but if you still have the 895L and would like to gain access to your usb drive over the web here is what you do.  Plug in your usb drive to one of the usb ports.  You will then go to the share port tab under settings and enable DLNA Server, Windows File Sharing, and Web File Access......if you look under the Web File access it will list a couple of  direct links for you to gain access while you're on your local network.....another thing you can do is download the share port app for your smartphone or tablet and just set it up by putting in your router's sign in and password........if you wish to gain access over the internet and use a web browser to view your usb contents while you're away from home you will need to go to the features tab and select Dynamic DDNS; you will need to go and set up DDNS through an external website which is will set up a free account and set up a domain name that you will use so that you don't have to input your WAN IP address in because if your router reboots the WAN address changes (unless you have a static IP address) so thats the purpose of setting up this DDNS so that you can use this one address to gain access to your usb contents and access your router's  GUI while away from home as well.  Once you set up your DDNS on the website that I just gave you , go back to your router and go back to Dynamic DDNS and input all of the information that you just set up and make sure you use as your server address.....once you input all of that information click on save........then when you're away from home and want to view your usb contents via a web browser you would put in http, a colon,two forward slashes,your domain name, another colon, and port 8181......for example http:// johndoe:8181  you will then see the share port web box and you will  then need to input your username and password of your router; by default the user name is usually admin...........let us know if that works for you or if you need any more help......I use this feature every day and it works just fine.....there wasn't a lot of documentation on how to configure this but that's how you do it......good luck!

Also if you don't want to set up DDNS there is an easier, more simple way to gain access to the usb drive and access share port over the web.....simply plug in your USB device and go to the share port tab under settings and enable everything as we did in the previous post.......once you've done that instead of setting up DDNS all you have to do is go to the home screen in your router's GUI and make note of what your IP address is......for example if the IP address was you would type in your address bar ....note I used the IP address and port 8181......and then just put in your username and password of your router..........that's the easiest method but like I explained in the last post if you're away from home and your router reboots for any reason your IP address will change and then what you were using won't work until you're able to log back into your router's GUI to get the new IP address.......this is why setting up DDNS , although a little more complicated is the best thing to do but either way that should solve your problem if you use any of these two method that I just explained........let us know how it goes...good luck!


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