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Antenna Positioning

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Smart Connect enabled. 2600 sq feet two story. When the antennas are all vertical the 2.4 Signal is 51, 5 Ghz A 57 5 Ghz B 59 on the side of the house I am having issues. I have 100MB/100MB fiber connection and speeds on that side of the house drop to 30/15 and are not stable. With antennas 45 degree angles signal strength get worse but seems like speeds increase to 75 MB download/ 45MB-94MB upload. Does the direction of the antenna's flat side matter? I see they rotate. Thanks

Wondering if I will see a distance advantage if I upgrade to AC5300 also?? Thanks Want to stay with D-LINK

2.4ghz is supposed to travel further than 5ghz.

Is the router location on the opposite side of the floor of the house?

Take your divide and stand in front of your office wall and measure there to see how much drop off a wall has.

And were you successful using any device before?

You'd  be more successful running a gigabit wire to toe office, or at least somewhere closer to the office.

Placement of the router can be crucial as well. I have a 5000sq ft house and get signal good all over however at far ends of the house is a bit less as I have my 890L on the upper level 2nd story since we mostly populate that side of the building now. Like RYAT explained 2.4ghz will travel better thru walls and building materials better than 5Ghz. 5Ghz is effected by its high frequency so it's best in there line of sight or one wooden all away at about 20 feet approx. Also be aware that wireless testing is not preferred due to many factors that contribute to bad testing and results. Wired speed testing is preferred.

Usually angling the antennas should provide best operation for multiple story building as the single gets propagated at a wider range than up and down depending on placemetn. Central on the 1st floor is recommended. Test out on the 2nd floor as well depending on you population of the building is most of the time.

The is mainly only getting you additional speed on connection rates which still some client side HW is not fully supporting as of yet.

Yes router is in the opposite side of the house.. I raised it but that really didnt help.  I can't wire into my office becasue of the cable looking awful  ;D ;D Wife wasnt having that. My ISP said they could wire my fiber to the my office outside for another $300... Before I bought two of the new apple airport extremes and had one downstairs and one in my office. Worked ok 75% of the time but the routers wouldnt hand off the signal so sometimes I would be upstairs using downstairs router. It was a mess. So i got the 890. Now my question is should I get the 895? Will it provide greater distance? the 6 reviews I have found sound good, but zero professional reviews

Upsatirs. Back Right Corner Office

Down Stairs

Thanks again


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