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I just installed two WD Green 6TB drives into a new DNS-327L with FW 1.05. I set them up as JBOD. When I go to System Status, Hard Drive info, they show up correctly as two drives with 6001 GB each. But when I go to Home, on the RHS, Storage Info appears as Volume_1 JBOD 8127GB. Also, accessing the drive from my PC shows capacity the capacity as 8TB.

How can I get the DNS-327L to correctly create a 12TB volume?
Thanks for any help.

Any status on this?  ???

Talked with Dlink today and they say only drives up to 4TB are supported. No indication of when 6TB will be supported.

Ok, thanks for the feedback and information.

One thing I would add is that if you ever get a 12 TB JBOD set you are going to have quite a job backing it up.

JBOD sets are 'fragile' (have a problem with one disk and you have most probably lost all data) and therefore require good, frequent, tested backups.


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