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Best camera model for high level of backlighting?


I got an inexpensive DCS-932 to try out the idea of mounting a camera above my front door since the neighborhood (including us) had a rash of stolen package incidents.  Yes, I know the 932 is indoor and fairly low resolution; I can re-use it elsewhere. I just put it above the door as a proof of concept.
The position seems to work OK for height vs view but the short porch roof makes for super bright backlighting. Even with the brightness adjusted faces are too dark to be useful in the pictures.
What D-Link Wi-Fi camera model(s) have the best dynamic range to deal with this kind of placement? I need one that deals well with backlighting and could serve to give a still image to the police if it picks up someone stealing an Amazon box. I need a model that does the motion detect then ftp and email as well as the 932 does (which works amazingly well, too bad it doesn't deal with the backlighting).

What do you mean by back lighting?  Street lights?
Doesn't the 932 have an infrared light?

Dcs2230 does well with lowl noise profile set in f/w, and not turning on the infrared light. But frame rates do drop.

But you have to turn it back to auto for day light.
Maybe you need a porch light that turns on motion activated.
Or even an infrared porch motion activated light.

this is what I mean by backlighting. here I am on the porch.  it needs a camera with decent high dynamic range:

That's going to be tough to overcome! You need more light like a very bright porch light during the day.


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