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Email Test Error (SOLVED)

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I don't know what to do any more.

I have tested all firmwares i can find. same in all of them.
I have tried yahoo, gmail and my ISP bahnhof. Non of them can complete the test.

I have followed instructions carful from the providers on how to set it up. Nothing works.

On my dcs-933L it works but not on my dcs-2230
Why is that? Is my camera broken? Sounds so strange.

Followed this guide also:

Procedure: Gmail
SMTP Server Address
SMTP Server Port           587 or 465
Sender E-mail Address
Receiver E-mail Address
User Name                  myname
Password                   my e-mail account password

Try full email as username? Just a guess



--- Quote from: RYAT3 on December 09, 2015, 05:46:19 PM ---Try full email as username? Just a guess


--- End quote ---

Yes of course i use that.
I actually found the issue today.

With Gmail its compleetly necessary to use (StartTLS) and the only port that works is 587.

took me like 7 hours of testing before finding this out :( Yahoo never worked and not my ISP either. The strange is that yahoo worked on my dcs-933l camera, and the exact same settings it had did not work with the dcs-2230. Thats confusing.

So for some other ppl with troubles:
My setup now is:

Sender email address:
Recipient email address:
Server address:
User name: emailname
Password: gmail email password
Port: 587
This server requires a secure connection (StartTLS): startls ON

Hard Harry:
FYI, here are some additional methods of configuring to send through Gmail's SMTP server. Each have their specific requirements. Might come in handy for those devices that aren't compatible with TLS.

Setting up email on DCS series cameras FAQ -


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