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DGS-1500-52 High ping time responses when directly connected

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I'm having an issue with a switch that returns high ping response times between 10-15ms when connected directly to it and with nothing else connected to the switch. This switch was plugged into our production network until we stated seeing packet losses and found this switch to be the problem. Removed the switch and everything started working again.
Called D-link support and after talking with their tech they agreed to RMA the switch. Two weeks later I get the same switch back with a sticky note on it saying it's been repaired. That's it. So I plugged it in and I'm still seeing the high ping times with just my laptop plugged into it.
My question is, is this a normal ping time response from these switches? I have 4 other brand name switches within our network and all of them report back 1ms or >1ms. I never tested the switch when we first got it 9 months ago, so I can't confirm if this is normal behavior for this switch. Can anybody confirm this for me?

Try the switch on a different network.
Try a different PC or laptop and test with the switch.

This switch is not currently connected to any network. It is completely isolated and the only two things plugged into it are the power cable and the single ethernet connection to my workstation. I've used two different workstations with the same result. I've also tried different CAT5e cables. Any other ideas?

Here is an image of the ping times:

I'd contact support on the phone again and reference this thread. I presume this isn't fixed.
What region are you located?

I'm in the mid-west region.

I just got off the phone with them a couple of hours ago and they were going to run some test on their own models to see if this was a standard ping response. But in the meantime he suggested that I check the forum.

Like I said before, this switch has already been sent in for repairs once. As soon as I got it back today (with a sticky note attached to it saying "repaired") and tested it, this is the problem I'm finding. Which is the exact same reason I was given an RMA in the first place.

I'm just wondering if this is truly a standard ping response from D-Link switches. I find this highly unlikely.


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