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Dual band problem with my DIR 855


4 days ago I made some changes on my DIR-855 wireless network. What I did was to put different names on my two wireless network. So I named my 2,4 GHz wireless network Bredband and 5,0 GHz for Bredband media. Everything worked fine and I could switch between those two network on my laptop and mobile phone. This   morning I noticed that my 2,4 GHz Bredband wireless network is not showing on the list of available wireless networks on my laptop and the second PC that I have. Only my Nokia Lumia 930 is showing both networks ( So, my other PC that is using dlink DWA 140 cant connect to internet because it cant see 2.4 GHz wireless network. But four days ago when I set up my 2,4 and 5,0 GHz wireless network PC could see 2,4 GHz wireless network and connected with no problem. Also my laptop could until this morning see both networks and connect to both of them,now it only see 5,0 Ghz network (  Here are my DIR 855 settings regarding dual band: and Since my mobile phone is showing both networks and my laptop and PC are not I guess that the problem lies in my laptop and PC, am I right? My dlink dir 855 is Hardware Version: A2 and firmware version 1.24EU. both my laptop and PC are using Windows 10.
Best regards and thanks in advance for any help

Did you clear out any and all previously created wifi profiles on the devices then set up new profiles? If you change the SSID name and have used profiles, these would need to be changed or cleared and set up again.


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