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ports 0 and 1 show closed but not stealth

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I would say it would be ok if your not experiencing any problems. As time goes one you may experience some issues with conneting devices that are newer and more up to date where they may become inconmpatible or fail to connect with the router. Until such time, if it's working, don't fix it!  ;) Ports are ok closed if there not being used.

port 0 on shields up says ( 0/<nil> reserved ) and port 1 says ( 1/ tcpmux tcp port service multiplexer )
both say blue and closed all other ports show green and stealth, should these results cause me to worry?
the other test sites both say closed also not stealth....

If your not seeing any abnormal activity on the router or on your network. I presume your ok. It may have not been a big deal at the time and D-Link didn't set Stealth on those ports and Closes is there status. Unfortunately, I don't think D-link will make a change. You can ask them and see. If you've been using the router and haven't been having any problems, you'll be ok. At some point you can try out a newer generation router and see how it performs for you.

thanks for all your help, the router is performing just fine, i have not noticed anything abnormal with it at all...
if and when i look for another router newer than this one I will need an 8 port setup just like this one has...
right now i have 7 of those ports operational with devices like 3 tivo's and 1 tivo stream and my obihai telephone box a lacrosse weather station and a hd homerun prime unit for wireless tv to 3rd floor of my house...  :)

If you get another router, most routers only have 4 ports now days. The 632 was a special model with 8 ports. I haven't seen a 8 port router since. However you can add an external Gb switch for additonal port. I have a 24 and 8 port units running round my house.  ;)


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