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Dlink NAS App and DNS_320L after 1.6 formware update


I just updated my Dlink- 320L to the 1.6 firmware, now I cannot access my NAS from the Dlink NAS iphone App. I get this Error
"ERROR, Incorrect Login information or Network can't reachable"
I can reach my NAS from my computer from inside my home or outside. I have not changed any login info.
Access worked fine with the NAS App before firmware update.
Can anybody point me in a direction to what might have happened.

I don't know which country / region you are in (as there are different firmware for each country / region)

I would advise contacting D Link by both the support link on mydlink website  and their facebook page with your error

I would also revert back to the previous working firmware until they tell you it's fixed


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