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Disconnecting /reconnecting DIR 855 wifi network issue


I am having problem with my network. It seems that my wifi network is disconnecting and reconnecting all the time and it seems to be “limited”. I have installed InSSIDer so that you can see how strong my wifi network is and also other wifi networks around my house. My wifi network is named Bredband  ( . I use Dlink dir 855 (Hardware Version: A2, Firmware Version: 1.24EU) and I also use dlink dhp 306 as extender for my wifi network which is placed in garage so that I can be online when I am in the garage. For my 2,4GHz I set the 802.11 mode to be N and G ( and for my 5 GHz the 802.11 Mode is set to be only N ( . So my wifi network is disconnecting and reconnecting almost all the time. Sometimes I have to manually reconnect it to get online. When the wifi network is ON it works great. But it is pain in……when network is disconnecting all the time.
Are there some settings on my Dlink DIR 855 I can do to get more stabil wifi connection? ,
UPDATE: what I noticed is that after I disconnected dlink dhp 306 my wifi network is working normal. So I guess the problem starts when I connect dlink dhp 306 as extender. How can I fix it so that I can use bothe dir 855 and dhp 306
Thank you in advance for all the help.
Best regards

Maybe the PL is having issues keeping connected to each other. Check the lines between the PLs and sure the PLs are connected and remain connected. Try using the PLs on a different outlet. Try testing in a Same Room senario to see how they work. Seems like something maybe interferring with the PLs.


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