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Can't acces my device with the utility.


I downloaded the last utility CPL from dlink ( )
My firewall and third applications are off mode. I try many way ...  ... Plug on the same wire AC or different distances between the devices (4, 6 or 12 feets).

I can't see any devices powerline on the utility.
Can i configurate with a address ip or other way ?

My device is DHP-540 A2  fw: 1.02

Can you factory reset the DHP then connect it to the main host router with a LAN cable?
Make sure the DHP is getting an IP address from the main host router. Verify this by looking at the DHCP client table on the main host router to see if the DHP is appearing there.

Be sure your PC is connected via LAN wire to the same router as well. Not the DHP.
What Mfr and Model # is the main host router?


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