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D-Link Powerline Adapters Connector DHP 300-AV configuration and installation?

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D-Link Powerline Adapter Connector DHP 300-AV ( a pair of)

Greetings Group!

Can anyone give me a pointer towards online documentation and software to support this product

D-Link seem to be of the opinion it is someone elses infrastructure in a D-Link case!

I have lost the original installation CD and can find nothing specifically on this product on the D-Link website

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance! I may break one open to see if it is a re-engineered other D-link device!   

Yes, it is a UK plug fitting, I was looking towards this, as a n active group, for any help!

Dr J C Bullas

What region are you located?  ???

In the UK

Since posting D-Link here have told me that since the product was never sold by D-link only sold by Talk Talk (a telcoms and ISP company) they can't help and thus I will assume no one anywhere in D-Link can :(

That's why it's not listed on D-Links site. I didn't know 3rd parties could offer this product. You'll have to discuss this with Talk Talk and see if they can help you.

Good Luck.

I'll post my findings online so hopefully people will be able to sort the things out ,as people move ISPs these things end up  on Ebay masquerading as D-Link devices

Dr B


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