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DWA 171 limited connectivity when restarting

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I have a DWA-171 wireless AC dual band adapter. I upgraded my machine to windows 10.

Whenever I restart my machine, I get limited wireless connectivity. I can't browse any websites. If I disconnect and reconnect to my wifi network, then the connection works flawlessly. Any idea how/if this can be fixed?



* What region are you located?Was the adapter working correctly before the windows upgrade?
Try uninstalling the driver completely then installing the driver using the most current driver from the main web site...

FYI: http://support.dlink.com/FAQView.aspx?f=MRBldvYIZ9JH35rXze0xbQ%3d%3d

Hi. I'm in Brazil.

I didn't get a chance to try it out before the upgrade, because I bought the adapter after I upgraded the machine.

I tried several times installing/uninstalling the d-link drivers, but they never worked for me. Installation hangs or either it installs and the wifi manager never opens.

The vanilla Windows drivers do actually work, but I get the problem described previously. Other devices (mobile/tablets) work fine after restarting. I only get the limited connectivity after restart with my main machine. Do note that disconnecting/reconnecting always solves the problem.

Driver version info:

Might check RealTeks site to see if there is any up to date 10 drivers.

You might phone contact your regional D-Link support office on the phone and ask when they will come out with a new driver version. WIndows 10 is too new so it maybe a bit before we see drivers as I presume they are working on updating those products that D-Link deems upgradable to Windows 10.

Yeah, windows update tells me these are the newest drivers. I have no idea where to look on the realtek website for the correct dlink adapter driver version.

It's a shame because the driver works, it's just a pita to have to disconnect/reconnect every time I boot the machine.


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