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Does anyone know when the DIR-895L/R will be available? Coming soon has been on the web site for at least 3 months. From the general searches I've done it was expected in the second quarter, which I believe has come and gone.


* What region are you located?
Web site says coming in 2015 and there still 4 months left. I may presume maybe something for the holidays... ::)

located in the us ... i need a new router and really liked the specs on this one

Well from what I know, the router is on the horizon. If you really want the router and if you can wait a bit, you might keep what you have or find a used DIR series cheap router on places like ebay or amazon. I have rescued a few routers for testing purposes from those places. The DIR-655, 825, 826L, 836L are some models worth looking into. Might keep you going until the 895L comes to your nearest super market.  ;D

I bought my current router (DIR-825) off eBay. Some people (like one of my co-workers) are scared to buy stuff off eBay, but not me. This thing was half the price of what stores were selling it for, (I paid about $50 if I remember), it was brand new, and the guy had good feedback. If there were any issues I would just try going to my credit card company or PayPal, but I've had the router for years now with no real issues. Been really stable. I also bought a wireless extender, so my wireless not only reaches the whole house, but my back yard also. I can watch TV while laying outside.

So, that's why I decided to hold off getting the AC5300. Because my current router does everything just fine. Only reason I really want the 5300 is to have the latest and greatest for awhile. Bragging rights. Maybe then I can also get rid of the wireless extender.

I also picked up a Radeon R9 290 video card on eBay when they were still pretty new. I saved over $100, plus I sold my old video card to make a few bucks as well. I did have a few issues where my system would randomly shut off out of nowhere, but I didn't worry too much.. being a tech guy I figured it was the power supply not having enough juice since I only had a 600 watt, so I bought a better one and it's been working fine for years now.


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