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mac_based_vlan Problem with DLink 3120

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Hi ... @all ...

i have problems with "mac based vlan" on D-Link 3210 .
i have setup the vlan correctly ... when i switch the connected Port to the target vlan - untagged ... it works , means the Setup is OK !
then i set the port to default , vlan1 untagged , no other changes ... and set "create mac_based_vlan XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX vlanid 75" .

CLI says "Success ." , but when i reconnect the client , the client only connect to vlan1 ... not to 75 !

is there a second command that enable this feature ?

Best Regards and thanks for helping , Thomas ...

Rara Avis:
I know this isn't the answer you want, but really don't recommend that you try to build networks based on MAC based VLANs.  I know it sounds convenient, or secure, or useful, but it isn't any of the above.  No amount of blood, sweat, and tears will make this feature a good idea.

Does your port show as active when you do a show mac_based_vlan?

Can you ping the device you are testing with from the 75 VLAN (be mindful that both machines are on the same IP network)?

Hello ...

this sounds bad ... :(
yes ... shows as active , but all entrys are shown as active , also the entrys with no devices connected ...  :o
as i wrote , when i switch the port manual to untagged 75 , then it works , i can ping ... my second device are already in vlan 75 !
i try this for my printers , it sounds good when i can connect a printer to every Port with the correct vlan !

Best Regards and thanks for helping , Thomas ...

Hello ...

no other information to this ... ???? :'(

Best Regards and thanks for helping , Thomas ...

Rara Avis:

I think I may have communicated poorly, have you done the below?

With your mac based VLAN configured, plug in the device you are testing and try the ping from the static VLAN 75 port device to the test devices.  Make sure that your devices have an IP (automagically or manually configured if needs be) on whatever network runs on the 75 VLAN.


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