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Author Topic: Public Video from camera without log in needed !!  (Read 5739 times)


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Re: Public Video from camera without log in needed !!
« Reply #15 on: June 11, 2015, 07:40:35 AM »

Firstly, thanks for the assist :) to solve my debacle

Considering that the camera has actual user accounts, maybe its not only naming but also functionality of the option it self that makes it a bit obscure.

As I don't really have much time to experiment with accounts and various situation, i'm gonna give a comment based on ... assumptions.

The help text for that option states "User Access Control - Enable this option to allow other users to access your camera." and bellow the server settings there is an actual user account creation. Seeing this, one would assume a connection with the UAC setting above. But here the question is what exactly the UAC option actually does.

If the UAC option also disables the User Accounts Created, then it doesnt make sense to allow unrestercted viewing to the camera, because you may like to disable all access except the admin, for a time without deleting all acounts. In such case there is a need for an additional option in addition of modification to this one to allow guest or not access

if it doesn't affect the user accounts and they can still be used (im not sure what rights those accounts have) than maybe something like:

Guest Viewing (if thats the only thing that it does) or something like that to tell you clearly that this will allow unrestricted access to the camera (not settings)

Logicaly the Windows UAC is not the first thing to come in mind. After all windows have seperate settings to allow or deny access to any accounts (guest or otherwise) before we even get to that. And the remote view is probably the most sensitive area of that device to be left in a grey area of word phrasing :)


I've got another question, how to forbid the camera to use the upnp port forwarding and be accessible from the external IP adress? (without blocking it or making other actions to forbit it from the router to which is connected) I did notice port change settings and upnp controls but changing them doesn't have effect. The cam still broadcasts over port 80 after it goes through the router. My goal is to make it accessible only from the internal network to which is actually connected.
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