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Router constantly Blocks ICMP

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DMZing myself was the last thing I tried before giving up and searching for help here.  It didn't work.  Technically this would invalidate testing firewall settings, no?

I normally have no problems with speed or connectivity on the 4100 even after 8+ years of service; it's only these select few poorly coded programs that seem to mess up; or the router's firewall appearing to go AWOL for certain things.

As for buying a router to return it if I don't like it, well, I can't do that with any local shops because 99% of what they stock is complete trash or the most mainstream 'best selling' products, which I don't want.  Every online shop costs a big shipping fee, sometimes even a restocking fee.  At that point it's just best to keep it instead of get 1/4 your money back.

The main issue with getting a new router is 75% the interface and 25% having to spend hours configuring it again.. after I spend even more hours learning the interface.   I've demo'd the current ASUS routers and have a WD N900 Central (for my family to backup to and use wireless on), I don't like the interfaces of either, though I prefer the aesthetics of the N900.  Interface and usability is a huge issue for me (and is why I've still been using Vista after all these years; and no, it's nowhere near as bad as those bandwagon imbeciles believe, in fact Windows 7 is worse in many aspects outside of my dislike for the UI).

I'm not using the N900 as my main router because of the wireless issue.  The router sits in my room below my desk, next to where I sit. I don't want it generating a wireless signal so close to me, nor while I sleep.  I'm basically around my PC 20 hours a day.  So, my family needed wireless and I saw the N900 basically being liquidated by Newegg (70% off), so I picked it up and threw it AP mode.  If I get a new router it needs to be able to disable wireless at the hardware level, else I subject myself to unhealthy levels of radiation.

Also, by chance do you have official links to firmware for the DGL-4100 (and changelogs)?  I want to downflash back to 1.07 (if even possible) due to the 'poor performance' reports 1.08 had which caused it to be pulled.  I'm questioning if prior firmware would work better, though I really want to see the full changelogs for them most of all.

D-Link routers and AP can disable the radios at the HW level.

You can find release notes for FW here:

If you choose to downgrade, please follow this process:
FW Update Process

Any status on this?  ???

--- Quote from: DAOWAce on February 24, 2015, 06:27:44 PM ---Bit of a necro, but I'm getting this as well on my DGL-4100.

Outbound ICMP packets are being blocked to services I need them not blocked to.

ICMP is allowed and even prioritized over normal network traffic. I've even DMZ'd myself and it's still being blocked.  My firewall is set to 'address restricted' for both TCP and UDP connections with SPI enabled.  I don't want to risk reducing it.

Edit: Additionally, it's blocking connections from myself to myself on different ports even though the firewall is set to address restricted only.  I don't get it.

There's these niggling issues this router seems to have with connection blocking that have been an irritant for the 9 or so years I've used it.. but it's still going strong (with my huge amount of QoS settings stored) so I haven't replaced it yet. Think I might have to finally do that, but I dread the thought.

--- End quote ---


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