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Need advise on bandwidth managing equipment


i have a streaming server doing real-time video. at the same time, the server is also transferring recorded files thru port 80 (http). The bandwidth i'm connected to is limited and the both traffic is competing for the bandwidth which makes my real-time service suffer. Is there any equipment that D-link can offer to manage my bandwidth? I need give the port 80 traffic a low priority and everything else higher priority. Please consider the following when giving suggestions:
1. The server needs to have a static routable IP since the file transfer is done as a download by another server.
2. The server is connected to a L2 switch

This is a big question, real big.

It sounds like you need some sort of gateway that supports traffic prioritization, and a business class DMZ.

My personal pick would be a DFL-210, but you can call our sales number and they will take much more information about the issue and get you a better suggestion.

You could also toy with switch based QoS on that L2 switch of yours (if it is manageable, something tells me this shouldn't be on the DGS-1224T boards).  That is however a bigger pain to set up correctly.

In short I would need more info, and this is not the best place to ask.

Thank you for your reply!
I called your tech support and they also suggested the dfl-210. Will it do 100% packet prioritization or it will be "best effort"?

Tech Support are not the people to talk to in this situation.

As for the QoS available to the DFL-210, it has pipe based marking with options for DSCP translation, and a fairly complex level of interaction when you start creating pipe chains.  Once the traffic has been marked into ques it uses simple prioritization based on user defined limits for particular ques as well as the pipes themselves.

No matter how great your prioritization, if you need to fit 10 pounds of viscera in a 5 pound sack  at some point 5 pounds (minimum) will be "best effort".

The manual for that product should be fairly informative as to what you can expect.


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