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DCS-934L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes


DCS-934L Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.07b01 - Date: 2/4/2015

[*][New Feature] New mydlink agent 2.0.18-b66
[*] [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where device would not respond properly to portal commands under relay mode

Firmware: 1.01b03 - Date: 2/6/2015

[*][New Feature] Upgrade mydlink agent to v2.0.18-b61
[*][New Feature] Remove SSL, change to support TLS

Firmware: 1.00b02 - Date: 12/9/2014

[*]First version

Firmware: v1.04b15 - Date: 9/26/2013

* Problems Fixed:
Fixed CSRF vulnerability for the camera’s web-UI (Exclude CGI APIs).
Fixed the “RSA-CRT key leaks” vulnerability.
Fixed the “LANDAP stack overflow“ vulnerability. (discovered by search SEARCH-LAB)
Remove the “Arbitrary file upload interface” vulnerability. (Discovered by search SEARCH-LAB).
Fixed an issue that Time zone setting for Minsk should be GMT+3.
Fixed vulnerability - Authenticated Arbitrary File Upload with Root Privileges. (discovered by IOActive Security)
Fixed vulnerability - Authenticated Root OS Command Injection in File Upload. (discovered by IOActive Security)
Fixed an XSS vulnerability - Stored XSS in User Name. (discovered by IOActive Security) 
Fixed an XSS vulnerability - Reflected XSS in HTTP Host Header. (discovered by IOActive Security)
* New Features:
1.   Upgrade mydlink agent to 2.1.0-b27.
2.   Change the HTTPs self-signed certificate to SHA2 algorithms.
3.   Support Mydlink UID mechanism (mdb get dev_uid)
4.   Change the support page hyperlink of Firmware Upgrade web-UI to
5.   Updated OpenSSL to v0.9.8o.
6.   Remove mDNSResponder daemon on the unit.
7.   Remove the Bonjour settings from the Network Setup web-UI.
8.   Change the default system time to 2016-01-01
9.   Update the years in the copyright statement for IP Camera’s web-UI to 2016.
10.   Add authentication to CGI /config/stream_info.cgi.
11.   Offer the password validation on console port. (Console’s Password is synchronized with the admin’s password)


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