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DCS-935L - Different Ways to Register a Cloud Camera on mydlink


The Setup Wizard application is only one of several available methods that can be used to configure and register Cloud cameras with mydlink. Cloud cameras can be registered with a mydlink account using a mydlink-enabled Cloud router or the mydlink Lite or mydlink+ mobile apps. Cloud cameras registered using one of these alternate methods do not require the Setup Wizard to complete mydlink registration. In fact, if a Cloud router or mydlink mobile app is used for mydlink registration and the Cloud camera is manually configured via the camera web UI (using a PC Internet browser), the Setup Wizard is not required for Cloud camera setup.

Different Ways to Register Your D-Link Cloud Camera on mydlink

[*]mydlink Mobile App: DCS Network Cameras - Use a mydlink Mobile App to Register a Cloud Camera with mydlink
[*]Cloud Router (Zero Configuration): DCS Network Cameras - Use a Cloud Router to Register a Cloud Camera with mydlink
[*]Setup Wizard Application


[*]The mydlink service only support mydlink-enabled Cloud devices. To determine if your D-Link camera and router are cloud enabled, look for an "L" in the model number (e.g. DCS-932L or DIR-890L). Please see the following FAQ for more information: mydlink.com - Do I Have a D-Link "Cloud" Device?


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